In love with vibrant waistcoats.....

I have been in love with waistcoats for a long time now and since last summer I have been meaning to use my creative talents to make a waistcoat that represents my style. I know the shops have a selection of waistcoats but none of them have caught my eye! So finally I have decided to put some time aside and make one myself out of some exciting fabrics.

Pairing a vibrant waistcoat with a simple black or white t-shirt, jeans and heels is a great way to dress up an outfit. I also recommend wearing them with shirt dresses which are ever so popular at the moment. I particularly love this waistcoat that Rachel Zoe is wearing, Rachel has impeccable style and is an inspiration for me! I so want to follow in her fashionable footsteps, so Rachel this post is dedicated to you!

Meera Sharma

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