Hit or Miss.....

I know I keep doing a lot of hit or miss 's lately but I really cannot help myself. I do love fashion and celebrities and the two go hand in hand together. Its always great to see what the celebs are wearing and is a great way to see how to put items of clothing together in ways we may not have thought of doing.

So this weeks hit is the one and only Rihanna! You have to love her quirky sense of fashion I know I do. The singer was heading to lunch in LA when she was spotted in this summer outfit. This is an ideal outfit to wear in this lovely weather that we have been experiencing over the past few days. I especially love her denim hairband that brings her outfit together nicely and stops it from looking mismatched. These are so easy to make, just cut of a long strip of denim (from fabric or some old jeans!) and tie it on your head in a bow! Viola....its done!! I also love her quirky jewellery!!

If I had worn this outfit though I would have not worn the sweater as the stripes and spots are a bit too much but Rihanna does carry it off in her own way making the look a Hit! I certainly 'Like it, like it'.....!!

Meera Sharma

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