Mad about Mad Men....

A few days back I started watching Mad Men. For those of you who don't know Mad Men is a drama that is set in the 1960's at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency in New York. Mad Men has won various awards and has created a stir amongst fashion folk, so naturally I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I have to say I am now a Mad Men convert, I absolutely love the show and I am only a few episodes into the first season. Its not just the fresh storyline that has me hooked but it is of course the 1960's fashion that has my eyes glued to the screen. In fact I cannot take my eyes of the costumes. I absolutely adore them, it makes me want to go to my nearest Vintage shop and purchase 1960's pieces.

Episode two is one to watch, even if only to see the conga line that takes place at the office party, forget conga line its more like a fashion parade, all the ladies are dressed so smart and elegantly. Their hairstyles are also to die for! Jane Sterling stood out for me at the party in a petite, white shift dress with a decorative neckline making her look like at 60's cleopatra.

So if you haven't checked out Mad Men make sure you do; if the storyline does not have you hooked then believe me the fashion will and will be sure to influence your wardrobe, in fact I know what I am doing this weekend - purchasing some 1960's Mad Men-esque clothing of course!

Meera Sharma

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