Sales, Sales and more Sales!

Its that time of the year...Christmas a time for family, pressies and food...yep too much food! It is also the time of the year when the shops have massive sales all in the name of Boxing Day. Boxing day was always a day I looked forward to, more so than Christmas day even, the thought of all those clothes, bags and shoes at crazy prices was amazing; I was one of those crazy shoppers that would get up at the crack of dawn to rush to the Trafford Centre just so I could be the first person to step foot in Selfridges and grab those bargains (in fact I did this for 8 years!). This year it was different, I just did not see the point of getting up so early to fight amongst shoppers to get bargains. This is partly because I have realised that the reason these items are in the sales is because they didnt sell well and shops need to get rid of them, your not going to find the amazing outfits reduced down. Dont get me wrong you can get some bargains in sales but most of the time you come home with items you probably could have survived without. I am not going to lie, I did check the sales out, but not on Boxing day, and did get a few pieces but there wasnt much out there. I have compiled a list of tips on how to get the best out of the sales.
1) Check the internet out, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, avoiding the rush. Most shops, such as Net-a-porter, Selfridges, Harrods, Zara and Gucci, are now having sales on their websites.
2)Sometimes it is better to go to the store themselves rather than department stores, for example I found better bargains in the Guess store compared to Selfridges, I also saw a pair of shoes that were £50 cheaper on Gucci's website compared to Selfridges sale price!
3) Think do you really need the item you are going to buy, it may seem that its really cheap but are you really going to wear it, remember most sale items cannot be returned for a full refund and if you change your mind you will be left with store credit! I always think to myself "would Victoria Beckham wear it", if the answer is no then don't buy it!
4) Wait a few weeks, the best bargains are often found in mid to end January, when the sales are ending; I got loads of clothing items for under £10 from Zara at the end of January which were all £15 + at the beginning of the sales in Dec!
Hope my hints help..... Happy Shopping!

Meera Sharma

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