The girls got style...

This weekend saw the release of the Bollywood movie 'Aisha', the first Bollywood Chick flick! It starred one of the most fashionable women in Bollywood - Sonam Kapoor. I knew Sonam had a good sense of style but was never one to follow what she was wearing that is until the release of Aisha. Sonam has been spotted at promotions for Aisha wearing a variety of clothing from high end designers, such as Dior, to high street designs from Topshop. She is also known for her love of vintage pieces, which I think is a first for Bollywood. Sonam Kapoor is doing great things for fashion and Bollywood she is bringing a fresh vibe to fashion and this is definitely noticeable in her new movie Aisha. The whole film is a fashion feast for the eyes, all those designer brands and vintage clothing, I for one loved every second of it and feel that no other actress would be able to pull of the looks as well as Sonam did. Sonam Kapoor is definitely a 'stylista' and I for one will be keeping an eye out on what she is wearing!

Meera Sharma

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