Im a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.....

So summer is finally here, with longer days and warmer weather it means we can finally wear less layers. There are so many trends this summer that one can follow - dungarees are big, maxi dresses with wedges or sequinned waistcoats over simple tees paired with shorts and heels. I for one though love the Barbie tops you can buy in Miss Selfridge, how can you not like them. It reminds me of my childhood and my love for Barbie. I still do love Barbie and i'm not afraid to admit it - after all she is to me the ultimate women ambitious (come on what job hasn't she had!) and a fashionista ( she's always wearing the best clothes). This particular one is my favourite and would look great with leggings and some fashionable heels perfect for the summer weather! Add some great jewellery, such as bangles and rings, and the look is completed!

Meera Sharma


  1. Nice blog you have there sweetheart, but I really wish the pictures were bigger!
    And do visit mine.
    You might find something you like :)


  2. Thanks for the advice il make the pictures bigger from now on! I checked ur blog its great! :)