Back to Basics.....

If we look back a few months ago when stars such as Jessica Simpson appeared on covers of magazines without being retouched on photoshop, we can see that the feeling of showing ones natural beauty had started to come out. This trend has also caught up in Bollywood lately. Take the IIFA awards as an example, many of the actresses, such as Bipasha Basu and Kareena Kapoor, turned up with natural makeup and wearing traditional clothing (rarely seen on Bipasha Basu) and you know what they looked great. Deepika Padukone was also seen at the Cannes looking traditional and keeping her makeup to a minimum. The films that are coming out of Bollywood lately also have the lead actresses who are often seen in a glamourous avatar, take on a de-glamorised role, Katrina Kaif was seen with minimal makeup and wearing natural saris in Rajneeti, Aishwarya Rai Bachan in Raavan is also seen wearing almost no makeup and Bipasha Basu is going to be seen de-glamorised in her upcoming movie Lamhaa. I for one love this whole look! For once people are appreciating peoples natural beauty and showing that you don't necessarily have to coat yourself in tons of makeup and false extensions and eyelashes to look beautiful, but then saying that these women do have good genes! Still this trend I think will be around for a while, so next time your leaving the house don't bother putting tons of makeup on and you will be right on trend!

Meera Sharma

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