Retouch or not to retouch...

So as you all have noticed the latest thing amongst some fashion folk is to feature models and celebrities looking natural, so in other words they no longer spend time retouching them. We get to see how they really look. French Marie Claire did this, Jessica Simpson took it a step further and appeared on the cover of Marie Claire (in the US) without any make up and without retouching. Britney Spears is one of the latest to join in with this, for the latest Candie campaign Britney, although did get retouched for the campaign, released the non-photoshoped versions of the campaign and even sent it to the Daily Mail so everyone could see her imperfections. Good on you Britney is what I say its time people see that celebs aren't totally perfect, it should stop this obsession people have with trying to get the perfect body and face they see on glossy magazines.

Meera Sharma

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