Lindsey Lohan is begging for followers!

Lindsey Lohan in the news mostly for her personal life rather than her acting is back on the scene this time in relation to fashion. (Oh God - I hear you say!). After trying her hand at designing with the Ungaro collection, which if you remember failed and led to the company designer resigning, she is now expanding her 6126 line (which were stripper style leggings) into a full collection! Lindsey herself told her fans about this plan via twitter where she also begged fans to follow it. Even Lindsey has a feeling that this collection will be bad and hence why she is begging her fans! Maybe she should be asking strippers to follow it then it may be popular! Personally if I was the person who encouraged Lindsey to expand her 6126 line then I would start writing my letter of resignation!

Meera Sharma

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