Boxing Day sales - dont forget the boxing gloves!

The boxing day sales started yesterday and I will admit that like any year I got up early and made my way to Trafford Centre to catch the sales and avoid the rush like I usually do. However this year it was like everyone was thinking this! I got to Selfridges 20 minutes past the opening time (as I had last year) and walked into the accessories department only to find all the shelves were empty. The department was full of crazy women or rather I should say vultures. They were running around frantically grabbing whatever bags (well whatever was left) they could many holding 10 bags each. One could not stand still for a second to even look if there was a single bag left without getting pushed out the way. I even saw one women put a bag down for a second and another tried to grab it from her, only for her to snatch it back! Gucci, Prada and Mui Mui had 50% off their accessories hence why the shelves were empty 20 minutes past the opening time, although Gucci this year opted for customers to que up meaning that if you were at the end of the que, as I was, there was no chance of getting anything as many women were buying not 1 or 2 Gucci bags but 5 or more! Gucci even had to have 2 security guards in their section to fend of any crazy women (when you see how small the Gucci section is in this Selfrdiges you will understand how crazy it is to have 2 security guards). Disappointed that I wasn't able to get a single bag this year in Selfridges, and miss out on probably the best sale in regards to Gucci, Prada and Mui Mui, I ventured to the rest of the shops. On my arrival in Monsoon and Accessorize I noticed women had reached a new low - they were using their young babies in their prams to help grab bargains. This new tactic involves placing your pram (with your sleeping baby in it) in front of the clothes racks allowing you and only you (as no one can get in or surprisingly is'nt rude enough to push the pram out the way) to search through the racks for the bargains when they had finally finished they would shove the people, waiting to look, out of the way, as well as running over their feet, using their pram which also had a pile of clothes thrown across it. After a few hours of shopping and managing to ravish a few bargains I made my way into the car park to return home, as I tried to reverse out 3 cars desended
(blocking me from leaving) all in order to get my parking space! Seems the rudeness and craziness of the animals seems to not stop in the shopping centre but also in the car park! Word of advice if you havent yet ventured out into the sales/shopping jungle dont bother there probably wont be anything decent left and if you do get anything you may come back with a couple of bruises as well as clothes!

Meera Sharma

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