South West Four 2014

Since I haven't done a music related post in yonks and as myself and my friend went to SW4 yesterday, it's only right I bring some music love...well kind my blog.

Yesterday was the first time I went to SW4, this year the lineup stood out to me, especially for Sunday so I had to get myself some tickets. It was actually set to be the highlight of my August and perhaps because I had such high expectations for SW4, it could be why it wasn't as AMAZING as I was expecting it to be (note the capitals). Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad, I did have fun but I think after yesterday it's fair to say I'm not going to be going again. 

Why I hear you say? Well the crowd plays a big part that's why and a lot of people there were not there for the music, half of them spent most of their time shoving everyone out the way to go in and out of the tent and a lot of the time did not recognise who was playing. The amount of people that asked me who Eric Prydz was (serious face to palm moments) was unreal. As a music lover I specifically went to SW4 to see Eric Prydz, Kolsch, Madeon, Gorgon City (who I didn't get to see/hear fully...) so that kind of stuff does grate me a bit. I've been to a lot gigs and festivals in the past few years and SW4's crowd was the worst - having a good crowd makes all the difference - believe me it really does! I also think with a festival because there are so many sets (in this case) it is difficult to see them all and after yesterday I've decided I would rather just see them when they do their own headline tour e.g. take Deadmau5 - I saw him back in 2012 in a really intimate setting and he was SO good - I was so close and it was amazing - yesterday in a open field with thousands of people, nope, not the same. 

All that being said, a highlight set of the day was Kolsch - after seeing him at SW4 I would want to go see him again, I absolutely adore Kolsch 's remix of Sky Full of Stars and Cassiopeia so I made a point to go along to the Edible tent and he did not disappoint! The mixes Kolsch did were on point and where enhanced by the visuals. 

Eats Everything was another highlight - his mixes are good, if you are not familiar I highly recommend you check him out here. With this set the visuals made all the difference and Eats Everything went all out, I swear there was fire, which come up from the stage when he started his set, followed by massive balloons falling on to the crowd. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for Eats Everything's full set as it clashed with Eric Prydz who was performing on the main stage literally 25 mins after Eats Everything started his set, but for that 20 minutes that I was there he was really good! 

Leading on to the man himself Eric Prydz, someone who I have wanted to see for so long I was so excited! Eric Prydz's set was cool, the visuals were great but I have to say it was spoilt by the outdoor setting (it was too light, the visuals looked much better when it got darker outside) the crowd and poor sound system. The music needed to be much louder, I do like my music at ignorent levels, but come on, to enjoy house/techno music you have to have it turned up real loud! I was also disappointed Eric Prydz didn't include Pjanno in his set, it is my all time favourite of his and I have wanted to hear it live for so long, but alas I didn't get too. That being said it hasn't put me of Prydz, I still would go and see him but just not in a SW4 setting....

Images - All My Own 

Overall if I had to rate SW4 I would give it a 2.5/5 - not bad but not amazing. Did any of you go down to SW4? What did you think? Leave your comments below.

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