Rihanna of Arabia...

Nope Rihanna is not playing the lead in a new movie about the Queen of Arabia (however that would be quite cool), 'Rihanna of Arabia' is the tagline from her latest shoot for Harpers Bazaar Arabia, which sees the Barbadian beauty cover up in a number of sultry poses.

Bet you never thought the day would come where you would see Rihanna work it in a feature titled 'The New Modesty: Cover Up in Style' especially after THAT sequinned dress (you know that amazing dress she wore to CFDA...yep that one). I say what better way to shut up all those critics that say all she does is take her clothes off by doing a shoot for no other than Harpers Bazaar Arabia - you show them RiRi!

So many good images from this shoot so as always I am going to let you scroll down and look at the pictures rather than read my babble about how amazing Rihanna looks (after all I do that enough on my Twitter)....

What a headpiece and a half - adore! And of course adore her tattoo now how will did that fit in with the shoot! 

By far my favourite shot from the shoot, not only is that outfit amaze but Rihanna looks striking - showing us that sometimes it's all in the eye's! 

Is it only me or does anyone else think Rihanna looks like a superhero in this shot - love the colours too - magical  

So what do you all think of the shoot? Which is your favourite shot? Leave your comments below.


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Meera Sharma

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