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I don't tend to blog about menswear, look nothing against the males out there but unless I can see it working as womenswear then it really is not my thing thus I have no reason to blog it. That being said, being the editorial fiend I am means that if I come across an amazing editorial in a mens magazine then there is no stopping me from sharing it on here - this post falls into the latter category.

The June issue of Elle Man, Vietnam, sees an editorial that using a ton of words to describe how good it is (i.e. me babbling on about on here) will do it no justice. This is an editorial you need to see with your own eyes.  Kind of like a painting in an art gallery, yep. Go on scroll down...

If you are wondering who is the genius behind this oh so amazing editorial, credit goes to Bryan Huynh. Model, Tommaso de Benedictis (who you may recognise from the Gucci SS14 campaign) works a number of pieces by designers including Louis Vuitton and Givenchy all chosen out by Tomas C Toth a.k.a the stylist.

So what do you think of this shoot? Leave your comments below.


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Meera Sharma

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