Hit or Miss - Kim Kardashian

This weeks hit or miss post is all about Kim Kardashian, and since Kanye is in the picture I am going to include him in the post. Kim and Kanye where spotted walking through the streets of Paris, the two are in the capital for Paris Couture week. 

First up is Kanye, he pulls of the simple black suit nicely and looks quite dapper so he is a Hit

Kim Kardashian however nearly makes it but some how this outfit just does not work. The two items paired together are not very flattering on the reality TV star and look mismatched. Kim should have chosen to wear the top and paired it with some skinny black jeans or more fitted trousers rather than these trousers. Its the top of the trouser that does not work with the sack 'esque' style to it, never been a fan of this style. The slick back hair doesn't work on Kim either, looks more like greasy hair rather than styled, can see what she was going for though. So this time Kim Kardashian is a Miss

So Stylista' s what do you all think, do you agree with me? Leave your comments below. 


Meera Sharma

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