Fashion Forward to 2012!

2011 has been a roller coaster of a year, it has had its up's and downs and presented some great opportunities. It has been another year that has flown by. With 2012 looming around the corner it is time for some reflection and time to look to the new year that will hopefully bring some new opportunities and a great prosperity. This post is dedicated to all the stars who I want to see turn themselves and their nasty wardrobes around and debut a new fabulous self to the world!

1) Vanessa Hudgens
It has been a rarity to see Vanessa dress anything that does not make me shake my head in disgust. My wish for Vanessa for 2012 is that she gives her self a style makeover and debuts a more fashionable and edgier self, I am fed up of seeing her in those terrible outfits.

2) Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan is one celebrity that anytime I look at I think oh dear where did it all go wrong! If we are honest Lindsey is a talented actress who unfortunately somehow managed to mess up her career with her bizarre actions. The next time I see a picture of Lindsey Lohan in 2012 I want it to be a fabulous one where she is dressed amazing!

3) Miley Cyrus
Another talented star that has decided to go down the usual uber sexual route. I do hope that for 2012 she tones it down a bit and throws out all those trashy outfits. I want to see a classy and glamourous Miley in 2012!

4) Katy Holmes
Katy Holmes has been in far too many worst dressed celebrity lists this year and for 2012 I want her to turn it around and appear in the best dressed lists! Come on Katy you are fab so throw out that horrible frumpy outfits and put some style into your wardrobe!

5) Christina Aguilera
I am not sure what has happened to Christina Aguilera this year but her figure and dress sense has gone down the drain. For 2012 I want her to bring out her inner goddess and display and show us that you not only have an amazing voice but you can dress well too!

I wish you all a fabulous New Year!! 2012 will be as amazing as you make it, so make it good. My fashion tip for the new year is one I heard from an inspirational celebrity and I want you all to follow it: "Dress like you might run into your worst enemy."


Meera Sharma

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