H+M Haul.....

Yesterday whilst on my travels, buying fabrics for my pre pre collection, I ended up in Westfields (the original one) and in H+M.

I used to love going H+M but then I lost interest but my interest is back in the store as recently they have some great pieces in store. Lately when I go shopping I look for staple pieces that I can wear with a variety of pieces in my wardrobe so I got a black shirt, peachish vest top and some leather style leggings. I got the vest top and shirt in a larger size so it can give the baggy effect. The total price came to £15 thanks to my free £5 voucher I got last week so it was a bargain!

What to wear?
You can actually wear all these pieces together to form one outfit; layer the peach vest top with a black vest top, wear the shirt unbuttoned on top and wear the leggings as leggings! You can add some bangles, a fun ring, a satchel style bag and some fun Mui Mui flats for a casual look or can dress it up with some statement shoes (as below).

Meera Sharma

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  1. In love with the black boots, so chic, and with all of these bangle!
    I'll wait for you to come back visit me!

    Cosa mi metto???