Who Wears it Best?

This weeks Who Wears it Best is all about the Kardashian sisters. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe were all spotted out and about wearing the same style of dress from their latest fashion collection - The Kardashian Kollection. Of course if a celebrity is spotted in the same dress it gets us all ooing and ahhing to see which star wears it best.

Round 1 - The Lace dress
Kourtney was spotted in a nude variation of the lace skirt and top. Kourtney carries this off nicely but I am not a fan of the reality stars hairstyle, it does nothing for her.

Khloe also opted for a nude variation of the lace skirt and top but opted for a black scarf with it. I prefer the outfit with the nude scarf like Kourtney had opted for.

Kim Kardashian wins this round by opting for a black variation. You can never go wrong with black and Kim looks fab. I do like that she has opted for some trendy statement Louboutin shoes too!

Round 2 - The Animal Print Jumpsuit

Kourtney stepped out in a animal print jumpsuit, also from the Kardashian Kollection range. She kept her look very simple and opted for some fab Louboutin shoes. The Kardashian's certainly love their Louboutin's!
Kim Kardashian was spotted in the jumpsuit. She added a few more accessories and some open toed heels. Kim looks great but I am not a fan of the jumpsuit on her, the print is too in your face!
Younger sister Kylie Jenner also wore the jumpsuit. Kylie again opted for a simple look and paired it with a thin belt and Hermes handbag which looks much better. I definitely think she wins this round!

Round 3 - The Little Black Jumpsuit!

Seems that the Kardashian sisters have replaced the LBD with the LBJ! Khloe Kardashian was spotted leaving the studios of Good Morning America a few weeks ago in this simple LBJ. The reality star paired it with some statement, animal printed Louboutin shoes. Khloe opted for a red belt to break up the jumpsuit and add some shape. Khloe looks good and carries it off nicely, added points for her shoes - love them!

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in NY wearing a similar LBJ. The star dressed her jumpsuit up by opting for a trendy statement clutch bag, and statement earrings. Kourtney opted for a thick black belt to break her jumpsuit up. Kourtney wins this round as she makes her jumpsuit look glamourous and chic!

Do you agree? Leave your comments below.

Meera Sharma

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