Who wears it best....

It seems that a lot of stars keep making that fashion 'no no' of being spotted in the same dress as another star!

Lindsey Lohan has done just that and was spotted at Kim Kardashian's wedding wearing the same Temperley dress as none other than Pippa Middleton. Pippa who shares something in common with Kim Kardashian, yes that is a famous bottom, wore her dress to the royal wedding reception party! The question however is who wore it better, Pippa or Lindsey?
Pippa Middleton wins this round as she carries of the dress with an air of sophistication. I also prefer the green colour that looks great on Pippa, as do her simple accessories.

Lindsey Lohan adds a tacky vibe to her version of the dress. The neckline is far too plunging and the bright blonde hair colour does nothing to tone down the tackiness!

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Meera Sharma

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