Designer File - Fred Butler.

Some of my freelance journalism work has come to an end meaning I have more time to concentrate on my blog and thus bring you all the latest happenings in the fashion world. I will also be continuing with my Top 5 Best Dressed on here so keep an eye out.

I thought it would be nice, each week, to find a designer who I find interesting and do a mini profile on them. My first designer profile is devoted to Fred Butler. I came across her work today and I was amazed. For those who don't know Fred Butler is a accessory designer who creates amazing, stand out pieces, and styles for a variety of companies. She also is the brains behind the telephone headpiece Lady Gaga wore in her music video for Telephone.

Check out some of my favourite Fred Butler pieces, as well as examples of styling she has done, above...amazing aren't they!

Meera Sharma

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