Vintage convert....

When people used to mention vintage to me I would always think urgh why would I want to wear second hand clothes but recently I have become a vintage lover and totally see what the whole obsession with all things vintage is about! In the past few weeks I have been going in and out of vintage shops and have caught the vintage loving bug! There are so many vintage shops in and around London so it is difficult to find the best places to shop for vintage clothes. At the moment I love Greys Antique Market in Bond Street, London. This place is like heaven for vintage lovers they have everything from furnishings, to clothes to designer handbags and jewellery. I particularly love Vintage Modes for clothing and Gillian Horsup for vintage jewellery; she has the nicest designer jewellery pieces.... think Chanel girls! If you haven't checked out Greys Antique Market make sure you do, with Christmas approaching I know where I am going, theres a Chanel bag that keeps calling out to me telling me to 'buy it' its to die for!!

Meera Sharma

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