Hit or Miss......

Angelina Jolie has been attending premiers of her latest flick 'The Tourist' and has been spotted in a variety of outfits. Perhaps the cold has got to Angelina because she is not looking her best fashion wise, normally the Hollywood star wears some great outfits (think back to the premiers of 'Salt') but this time I am not too sure what Angelina was thinking;
Look 1: Out of the three looks this is the best one but note its the best out of quite a bad bunch! I do love the stole by Micheal Kors which Angelina opted for at a Madrid screening of 'The Tourist.'
Look 2: I am a fan of Versace but Versace with gloves attached is not a cool look which is exactly what Angelina decided to wear to the Berlin premier of 'The Tourist.' The crazy hairstyle does not help her look either!
Look 3: It was nice to see that Angelina decided to make a change from her all black looks, for the Madrid premier of 'The Tourist,' but there is something not right about this outfit; it is not flattering on Angelina and although maxi skirts are in this Atelier one does not go with the Atelier top!
Sorry Angelina next time you are going to have to try harder because this time I think your premier looks are a Miss!

Meera Sharma

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