Star Stylista....

This weeks Star Stylista has to go to the talented and pretty Preeya Kalidas. She has a great sense of style, because after all being stylish is different from being fashionable, remember guys style is showing the world your take on fashion whilst fashionable is wearing the latest fashions.
The thing I love the most about Preeya's style is that she is not afraid to mix east and west, she is not ashamed of her culture and I love her for that! I totally loved what she wore to the Asian Music awards and I think she designed it herself! I also love the way she wears Henna on her face, defo a trend to be following girls!
Preeya even managed to bring her style and class to her character Amira on Eastenders. When did Amira ever look bad and lets not forget her exit she was the only character to leave the square in a mercedes benz come on the girl has class!
Preeya Kalidas is currently pursuing her music career (she has 'Shimmy' out which is fab!) and I wish her all the success with it, this girl is going to go places!!

Meera Sharma

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