A possible celeb fashion line I will be looking out for.

Bipasha Basu, for those of you who are thinking 'who?' she is a bollywood beauty who has an amazing body, has been promoting her new fitness dvd 'Love yourself', whilst watching the promotion of her new dvd I noticed that not only does she have an amazing body she has a great sense of fashion. Check out the dress she is wearing at the 'Love yourself' launch. Whilst speaking at the launch she said 'acting is my career fitness is one of my passions' and 'fashion is also my passion,' she mentioned she has done something to do with fitness so 'next month I'm going to do something with fashion', I hope this means she is thinking of working on a fashion line, whether it is next month or not I can tell you I am going to be keeping an eye out for this because if she does it will certainly be stylish!

Meera Sharma

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