"Rock Adidas, Adidas, the sneaker leader for years....."

Adidas is everywhere at the moment and you know what I love it! It's one brand that I have loved since I was a young 'un. I'm northern so naturally I love a good sports brand; growing up I spent a lot of time living in my Adidas sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms (should I admit this?!), Adidas trainers - all of which I still have; talk about quality. Take my white and gold Adidas trainers, how cool was I...not even joking here, they are cool and I've had them for like 13 years and I still use them for running. If only I had got them in black rather than white I would so wear them out and about more.

Anyways before I digress too much into my childhood clothing habits the reason behind this post is to share the various collaborations that are happening at the moment with Adidas. Since I am pretty much loving them all I thought I might as well put them all into one post - easy reading or what.

Adidas x Raf Simons
This 21 piece collection is set to release this week and is certainly one to check out if you like trainers but love your designer brands. Check out a few of the styles by scrolling down...

This style is certainly my favourite - got my eye on this...

This 20 piece collection shows us what happens when you combine Adidas' signature pieces with Topshop's young feminine style; an explosion of casual but fun clothing is what you get! 

I actually was passing Topshop on my travels this weekend so had a look at the collection and the pieces I saw I liked. Unfortunately I couldn't find the trainers otherwise those bad boys would have come home with me but alas till the next time! The footwear is the highlight of the collaboration for me - have a look and you will see why....

High Tops ...drool...£80..bam

The perfect summer shorts at £32

Wear it together or wear it as separates whatever floats your boat.. 
(Hoodie - £70, trackie bottoms - £50) 

Want this top...can so dress it up or dress it down...£50

This whole look oozes amazeness, want it all... top - £55

Adidas Originals x The Farm 
April 1st is a date to take note of and nope it's not just because it gives you a chance to prank people in the name of April Fools...this date also sees the release of the awaited collaboration between Adidas and Brazilian label The Farm. The collection is certainly not going to disappoint and shows us that bold prints and sportswear do go. Check out some of my favourite shots from the campaign below...

It Gets better...
And if you thought the above collaborations are not enough to make us fill our wardrobes with the Adidas logo then wait for it because we have Rita Ora's Adidas Originals Collaboration to look forward too. Oh but wait there is more because Kanye West has also collaborated with the brand and let us not forget the recent announcement of Pharrell Williams x Adidas collaboration that we can get our hands on come summer. Better start making room for all these clothes and trainers if you ask me.... 


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Meera Sharma

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