Brand Spotlight – Tokyo Laundry

I recently came across the brand Tokyo Laundry and thought I would share it with you all.  Tokyo Laundry is great for those that have a relaxed and casual style with a bit of an edge. As the name suggests the brand is inspired by the Far East mixed with an American style.

With a number of products on offer for both men and women ranging from clothing to accessories this is certainly one brand to check out.

Scroll down to see 5 pieces that I think are great to work into your summer wardrobes.
Joy Tie Shirt Dress
When it comes to prints I am a bit apprehensive, as they can sometimes look tacky, but Tokyo Laundry get it right with this tie-dye print. I would pair this dress with a pair of converse, leather jacket and a chunky gold watch.
Sandi Baseball Jacket
Baseball Jackets are all the rave now and if you are looking to jump onto this latest trend then I highly recommend you check out Tokyo Laundry’s Sandi Baseball Jacket. You cannot go wrong with monochrome and this jacket can be worn with a number of pieces. Look to Rihanna for influence she always works her Baseball jackets.
Oversized Fisherman Knit Jumper
The oversized fisherman knit jumper is great for those that like to inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe. Available in neon yellow and lilac this can be worn with a pair of shorts, some quirky tights and converse or you can work it with a leather skirt.
Rene Crew Neck Sweatshirt
I am not sure about you lot but I sometimes like to wear mens pieces as womenswear as a lot of the time guys have better pieces especially when it comes to shirts and sweatshirts. This printed sweatshirt can be worn by guys but since I know most of my readers are ladies I think you can work it too; wear a crisp white shirt underneath, a pair of tight black jeans and some brogues or converse, and viola you are ready to go!
Georgia Aztec Backpack

Backpacks are so popular at the moment and you know what it’s great; they can fit more stuff in and are easier to carry round rather than a handbag. I for one cannot get enough of backpacks. The great thing about this particular backpack is that you can add some colour to a simple outfit thanks to the Aztec print and it also seems like a good size too!

So Stylista's what do you think of Tokyo Laundry? Check out their site by clicking here. Leave your comments below. 
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Meera Sharma

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  1. There is something about that lavender jumper Meera that is so cute!! xo