Selfridges Shoe Carnival

If there is one place I love it's Selfridges. I used to spend my weekends as a teenager going in and out of the designer haven, (the one in Trafford Centre) whether I bought something or not didn't matter because quite frankly it's one of those stores were you can go just to look at the fabulous displays. So naturally when I heard about the shoe carnival I had to check it out. 

Yesterday myself and fellow blogger Nina made our way over to Selfridges on Oxford Street to do just that. From the ferris wheel full of shoes to the bumper cars, the window display was super creative.  

It was however when you got inside that the shoe magic began. Selfridges have teamed up with Disney to bring The Great and Powerful Oz to the store. Nicholas Kirkwood has also designed a four piece limited collection of shoes inspired by the movie that are exclusively available at Selfridges. Hence the yellow brick road and Emerald City backdrop that can be seen throughout the shoe section.

Anyways enough of me talking, check out some of the pictures I took yesterday to see for yourself the fabness of the shoe carnival

I love the Louboutin section, that is how I want to display my shoes! 

So Stylista's what do you think? Have any of you checked out the shoe carnival? Leave your comments below.

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Meera Sharma


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