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I am totally in love with denim shorts at the moment and was all ready to go shopping and by myself a pair when I came across a bag full of all my old clothes that I was meant to have got rid of. I saw an old pair of jeans in the bag and thought I might as well make myself a pair of denim shorts from the old jeans. I am so glad I decided to do this as it meant firstly I didn't have to spend my hard earned cash and secondly I could get the style I wanted.

Making a pair of denim shorts is a very easy process and this post will tell you exactly how to do it.

Step 1

Get yourself a pair of old jeans. Fold the jeans in half and mark with a pen or chalk the length you want your shorts to be.

Step 2

Cut across the line in a straight line and voila your jeans are now shorts!

Step 3

Fold the jeans over at the bottom to get a nice edging. The process can end here if you want a simple pair of jeans but if you want to wear something a bit different then read on. (Apologies about the blurred picture!)

Step 4

I decided I wanted a bleached pair of denim shorts, as bleached fabrics are very trendy at the moment and will be for S/S 12. Using rubber bands or string tie parts of your jeans in knots (like you would do for tie-dye). Place the shorts into a plastic tub and whilst wearing gloves pour bleach over the shorts in the areas you want to bleach the colour. Leave the jeans for a while, depending on the strength of the bleach. I left mine for 30 mins as I wanted a very bleached effect. Keep an eye on it checking on it every 5 mins just to make sure you haven't bleached all the denim completely.

Step 5

Once the bleaching is done, remove the rubber bands/string and rinse thoroughly. I recommend you wash your shorts with washing powder to get rid of any bleach remains and to get rid of the bleach smell. Leave the shorts to dry and voila your shorts are ready to wear, as above!

What to wear?

You may be wondering how you can work your newly made denim shorts in winter. I suggest pairing them with a nice mustard (or another colour) jumper, as seen above. I got this particular one from Primark.

The shorts will also look great worn with these fun tights I purchased. They were also from Primark and only cost £3.

Shoe wise I would recommend some trendy retro style shoes as above. This pair was also purchased from Primark. They cost £16 but the grip on them is worth the price!

Meera Sharma

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  1. brilliant! i love what you did!! :D
    you styled the denim shorts well!